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Food For Thought is based at

26-28 Astley Rd, Seaton Delaval, Whitley Bay, Northumberland. NE25 ODG.
Tel. 0191-2375935 or Email shop@food-for-thought-uk.co.uk

We are a well established business (since 1983) serving customers locally and from further afield by mail order and now online, using our secure card payment facility

Customers from all over the UK and abroad can now obtain our products and use our allergy testing service through our mail order and online services.

A History of Food for Thought (Seaton Delaval)

After spending many years working down in the mouth as a dentist, Sandra Michelson realised that her abiding interest was food, i.e, Cooking it and eating it (especially wineing and dining!) and noticing the effect it had on health and fitness. With her daughter Clair, Sandra decided to make the break from being a general dental practitioner to venture forth into the health food business. This is her story;

In the early eighties my 2 careers overlapped for a year or two. I found it was a great leap of faith to move from a 25 year old stint as a dentist to go into the uncharted waters of the health food business. We started fairly cautiously, taking over a little health food shop in the Land of Green Ginger in Tynemouth (in 1983) This had only been open for 5 months, but we learnt a lot from the previous owners, selling many things loose such as flours, dried fruit, nuts and seeds.

Our customers were very enthusiastic and supportive, and we learnt as much from them as we did from the the trade reps and journals. In fact the customers introduced us to such mysteries as the Bach Flower Remedies, homoeopathy, herbalism, and many other things that are so well-known today.

After 2 or 3 years, we decided to uproot and move to Seaton Delaval (where we live) and invest in our own shop property. This is where we are still and have added a complementary medicine centre and organic bakery specialising in breads for special diets. We have a special interest in spreading knowledge and expertise, working with 4th year medical students on their complementary medicine module, and also work experience in the shop for school students. We teach a crystal healing therapy professional course .
An experienced group of therapists man the clinic, all specialists in their own areas. Our interest in food and its health aspect is stronger than ever and are relieved to see the increasing amount of importance given to it in the media.

Our latest venture is creating an organic bakery. We are still experimenting with spelt, rye and wheat flours which are all organic and some are also biodynamic. Wheat and gluten free cakes are also made but we are endeavouring to produce bread which is more palatable than that usually found in supermarkets. The Holy Grail of bread making!

We have an extensive range of stock in the shop, including the following;
Homoeopathic remedies (Nelsons, Weleda and New Era)

Vitamins and minerals and specialist supplements.

(Manufacturers include Lifeplan, Power Health, Nature's Aid, Solgar, Cedar Health, Country Life, Optimum Health, Savant, Lepicol, Arkopharma, Pharma Nord, Kordels, A.Vogel, Health Aid, Potters, Lanes, our own brand and others.)

Aromatherapy oils, carrier oils and creams

Crystals and jewellery, for yourself and as gifts, specialising in specimens for crystal healing and collectors.

A wide range of groceries such as nuts and seeds, confectionary, herbal teas, coffee - alternative beverages, fruit juices, honeys, stocks, sugar free jams, flours, milk alternatives such as soya, oat, rice, tiger nut, breakfast cereals, grains, and cereal flakes.

Whey free margarines, milk free cheeses, free range eggs. We try hard to keep a good selection of organic, gluten free and dairy free foods. This range is increasing all the time

This is a brief summary, the stock changing frequently according to customer's requests.

Skin-care products -- We try hard to stock products without harmful chemicals, being particularly pleased with the ranges from Aubrey Organics (American)

We have many unusual things in this category and is well worth a browse through.

Herbavita shampoos, conditioners and superb hair colours

Laundrey, dish washing and kitchen cleaners by Ecover and Enviroclean (Australian)

We are now stocking Edgar Cayce products from Virginia Beach, USA.
We are always interested in talking to customers about other products not in our ranges, and quite often taking them on board. Try us!