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Welcome to Crystal Healing Northumbria web site. We are a teaching, healing and research school linked to the Spiritual Venturers Association in Goole, East Yorkshire.

The teaching area consists of a 1 year Certificated course which can be followed by a 1 year Diploma course. Students who have completed a satisfactory 1 year course at a college are allowed to join our 2nd year course and attain the Diploma. (subject to interview and assessment)

One day workshops are held occasionally for those who wish to begin their exploration of the myriad uses of crystals and crystal healing.

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The principal and tutor is       Sandra Michelson  BDS CHSVA GSSR


Our Mission is to develop and expand the knowledge of the therapeutic use of crystals for people, plants, animals, the Earth and the Universe, through individual and group research,  resulting in an accredited practitioner qualification.

Find out how the energy of crystals can link with  the crystalline aspect ofyour  whole being.



First  year (Certificate course)


We offer a  comprehensive 1 year certificated course and training in Essential Crystal Therapy run by the Spiritual Venturers Association resulting in the professional qualification C.H.S.VA.Certificate. The course consists of 12 training days per year with home study and assignments to be carried out and assessed.


Second Year ( Diploma course)

After completion of the First Year, the student is entitled to proceed for another year to attain the CHSVA Diploma.

        This is a combination of extended crystal techniques and research and 12 tutor-led days


Students who have attained a 1year certificate at a college may apply for the 2nd  year of the diploma course


A diploma course giving a professional qualification  in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Affiliation of the Crystal Healing Organisations {A.C.H.O.}.

The course is designed and accredited by the Spiritual Venturers Association (S.V.A.) and awards the qualification C.H.S.V.A.  (ie. Crystal Healer SVA).


Each year consists of 2 blocks  of six days ,a total of 12 days per year, with home study and research assignments.



Description                  Price

Year 1 Certificate       £650

Year 2 Diploma          £650



First Year (Certificate course)


The course consists of 12 days tutor-led days  with home assignments  set throughout the year. Dates of the tutor days are set to suit the members of the group as we go along. There are no more than 8 students  in a group. 

The first set of 6 days is focused on you and your development as a spiritual being, living, working and enjoying this material world, whilst staying connected with your spiritual aspect. Skills are learnt to this end and techniques necessary for efficient self healing and protection against negativity. Subjects covered include; 


  • Leaning how the human energy system works and links with other energy systems.
  • Choosing, cleansing and dedicating crystals for healing and meditation
  • Attuning to crystals
  • Programming them for meditation, healing and absent healing
  • Study of the human chakra system, the subtle bodies and meridians.
  • Earthing and grounding the human energy system and it’s relevance in protection against negativity.
  • Cleansing and protection of the human aura
  • Meditational skills for health on all levels and accessing creative and original thinking
  • Dowsing skills as a diagnostic tool
  • An in-depth study of at least 20 crystals and their application in the healing field
  • Historic and scientific background of crystals
  • Basic crystal classification systems, structure of the earth, mining techniques 

NB: Anatomy and Physiology are now not included in our curriculum. Students who have not studied these subjects to a satisfactory level, perhaps on other holistic courses, are asked to cover this important part using a home study method. We recommend and supply;


The second set of 6 days of the first year

looks at you as  the crystal healer working with clients and includes practical work on each other and clients invited into the clinic.


Subjects covered include;


  • The fundamental Laws of Healing
  • More dowsing techniques and understanding the pendulum movements when working on chakras and energy fields
  • Using crystals for balancing and healing the chakras and an understanding of colour withtheir complementary counterparts
  • A selection of crystal healing methods (in some detail)
  • Visualisation and relaxation techniques
  • Create and use a case history format for a crystal healing session.
  • Choosing the techniques to use for a client at a healing session
  • Choice and preparation of crystals before a healing session
  • Preparation and attunement of self before a healing session on a client.
  • Preparation of the client before a healing session
  • Methods of restoring a client to everyday consciousness and awareness after a healing session 
  • Gem elixirs and sprays   
  • Study of 20 more crystals


For the completion of the one year Certificate in Crystal Healing, the student is asked to assemble a portfolio of work completed during the year, using the assignments.  There is fee of £40 for scrutiny of the portfolio by the S.V.A.


Also, you are required to keep a journal of your personal development for a year as you work with the crystals, carrying out;


a) Regular self crystal-healing sessions (at least weekly)

b) Recording your meditations using a meditation crystal

c) Recording dreams, ideas and any other relevant things you may want to add

Crystal healing is a cutting edge therapy, more akin with quantum physics than Newtonian, and affords great personal satisfaction to move forward with this unique crystalline energy and unlocking knowledge of the amazing benefits for Mankind.

For  information on dates of new courses at our centre, (usually starting October, January and April each year).   

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Sandra Michelson has been a crystal healer for many years and a tutor with the S.V.A. organisation for 20 years. She spent 25 years of her working life as a dentist and then specialised in food allergy testing (by dowsing) and working in crystal healing.