• Aura Glow Jasmine 8 fl oz (240ml)

No Body should be without Aura Glow. Enjoy wonderfully smooth skin all over.

Experience Aura Glows Incredibly nourishing combination of certified pure peanut, olive, lanolin and vitamin E oils, Edgar Cayce recommended Aura Glow to beautify the body, promote superficial circulation, and a massage oil to enhance flexibility. Unlike most moisterisers, Aura Glows all natural formula has no additives or artificial preservatives, so it acts as a food for your skin. It rapidly absorbs into the body to be used where it is needed. we call this popular blend Aura Glow because it has actually been shown to brighten the physical aura. In addition to being a full body moisteriser, you can also use this versatile skin softener as bath oil, haire treatment, after shave and sun, and for the highest quality massage therapy. Aura Glow is the luxurious emillient no body should be without.

Relax and focus with Jasmine.

Jasmine is known to help your mind remain focused and calm. The Far Eastern flower beguiles you with evocative sensation while it's sedative nature relaxes your spirit.

Ingredients: Peanut Oil, Olive Oil, Lanolin and Vitamin E (as a natural preservative), Jasmine contains some level of synthetic scents, vitamin E is "mixed tocopherols" - this meansmixed sources, however, non are wheat sources.


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Aura Glow Jasmine 8 fl oz (240ml)

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