Organic Bakery

Food For Thought’s bakery is certified organic by the Biodynamic Association (BDA)(

The bakery is small, frequently a one baker, operation. The equipment is kept to a minimum, ie mixers and ovens, we like Nature to do as much as possible of the work.

Our aim is to produce wholesome foods that are suitable for the widest possible number of people. So we bake using only natural ingredients and techniques which harness Nature’s and our bodies abilities. We use slow processing techniques which take advantage of natural processes that mankind has evolved with over the millennia.

All the bakery’s products are hand made and display the natural variations that this brings.We don’t use “processing aids” to speed up production, instead our view is “We are going to eat this, so we’ll make it wholesome”. Our breads are baked to have character and flavour, to be satisfying and digestible. We use both wheats and ancient grains to give choice to those who prefer to be wheat free. Our slow techniques allow the natural microbial populations present in the flours to create a more digestible and flavoursome loaf.

Many in the media seem to judge foods by eye taste and price only. We think, if it’s going to your loved ones it has to be a healthy option.



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